Fabric Information

*GSM Variation: every time a fabric is woven, there is always the possibility that the weight of the fabric will vary slightly from batch to batch. For all fabrics listed below, please assume there is the possibility of a +/-15gsm variance for every fabric base. We will be adding more bases in the future, so join our Facebook community group for fabric base announcements and to vote on which bases to add in the next round.

Only available for all-vinyl rounds:
Vinyl - 100% PU Faux-Leather Vinyl, 1mm +/-0.1mm thick, sold as half-yard (18") rolls (WOF - 52-54") 

Cotton Spandex - 95% Cotton 5% Spandex - 240gsm* - four way stretch, approximately 50%-75% both ways, 57-60” wide. This versatile fabric is one of the most used and most loved of all custom fabric types. A great beginner fabric, cotton spandex can be used for many different types of apparel including tops, skirts, leggings, bummies, undergarments and other things that need a more structured drape and good recovery while still being breathable and light. 

Cotton Spandex French Terry - 95% Cotton 5% Spandex French Terry - 280gsm* - four way stretch, approximately 30%-50% both ways, 57-60” wide. No rough washcloth texture here! The soft loops on the back of our French terry make this an excellent fabric for all your more structured patterns, including joggers, hoodies, structured cardigans and dresses that require a more stable drape. 

Brushed Cotton Spandex French Terry 95% Cotton 5% Spandex French Terry - 280gsm* - four way stretch, approximately 30%-50% both ways, 57-60” wide. Our Brushed French Terry has a smooth front and a soft, lightly fleeced back. It is great for sweaters, hoodies, joggers, and all the other comfy-cozy patterns you have. 

Bamboo (Viscose) Spandex - 95% Bamboo 5% Spandex - 240gsm* - four way stretch, approximately 40-50% both ways, 57-60” wide. This super soft, flowing fabric is sure to be a favorite for all your loungewear, flowing cardigans and twirly dresses. You won't have any of the slipping and sliding issues in your machine, however. Our bamboo is a dream to sew with! While you will see many places with fabric labeled simply as "bamboo", they are actually either viscose, rayon, or lyocell made from bamboo. In our case, it is viscose-- a highly durable, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly bamboo fabric.

Bamboo Cotton Spandex French Terry - 67% Bamboo 28% Cotton 5% Spandex - 250gsm* - four way stretch, approximately 40-50% both ways, 57-60” wide. This knit blend is softer and has a more fluid drape than regular cotton French Terry. Use this fabric when you want all the comfort of bamboo but with a little more structure. Joggers, sweaters, dresses, cardigans, you name it!

Brushed Rib90% Polyester 10% Spandex - 400gsm* - four way stretch, approximately 20% cross grain and 30% with grain, 54-57" wide. This lightly brushed 6X1 rib has a structured, tight weave. It is great for semi-fitted items, such as joggers, cardigains, and dresses that do not require a lot of stretch. As with all digitally printed items, too much stretch with certain bases can cause white-out. We do not recommend this base for tightly fitted clothing articles such as leggings. 

Scuba - 95% Polyester 5% Spandex - 300gsm* - four way stretch, approximately 30-40% both ways, 54-57" wide. This finely knit, smooth fabric is my favorite for fancy dresses, pants, and skirts. It's the fabric that a lot of structured formalwear is made from. 

Athletic Knit - 85% Polyester 15% Spandex - 320gsm* - four way stretch, approximately 50-70% both ways, 54-57” wide. This performance knit fabric is great for all your workout gear due to it's moisture-wicking properties. It has a light sheen and is virtually wrinkle-free. However, it's not just great for your workouts-- this fabric makes excellent dresses too and even cushions! 

**NEW** Athletic Brushed Polyester (ABP) - 85% Polyester 15% Spandex - 320*gsm - four way stretch, approximately 50-70% both ways, 54-57” wide. Combine the softness of DBP with the strength and performance of athletic knit! Unlike our regular athletic knit which has a slight sheen, ABP has a matte finish and is lightly brushed on each side. 

Double Brushed Polyester (DBP) - 92% Polyester 8% Spandex - 240gsm* - four way stretch, approximately 50-70% both ways, 54-57" wide. Double brushed polyester, often called DBP, will instantly be your new favorite leggings fabric. It is lightweight but still warm and has a great flow to it. 

Swim (UPF 50+) - 80% Polyester 20% Spandex - 240gsm* - four way stretch, approximately 50-70% both ways, 54-57” wide. This quick-drying, highly durable fabric has excellent stretch and recovery. It's perfect for all your swim suits and rash guards, but it goes beyond even that! Use it for no-show underwear, tees (especially for hot weather), and even dresses.

Boardshort - 100% Polyester - 120gsm* - no stretch, 54-57" wide. This lightweight, quick drying fabric is perfect for your summer swimwear. Pair it with a matching rashguard made out of our UPF 50+ swim and you've got the perfect surf apparel! 

Rayon Challis - 100% Rayon - 120gsm* - no stretch, 50-53” wide. This soft fabric is perfect for all your woven patterns where you want to capture that beautiful drape. It's lightweight and pliable with a matte finish. Rayon can be a more difficult fabric to work with for the novice sewist. However, after you've mastered this fabric you will definitely want to use it for all your woven dresses, skirts, lightweight pants, tops, and even scarves.

Tencel - 100% Tencel - 150gsm - no stretch, 54-57" wide. Tencel is a lyocell fabric, which is a sub-group of rayon. If you love Rayon Challis, you have GOT to try this base!! It has all the flow and grace of your favorite RC, but with the thickness of cotton woven. And, in my opinion, its a bit easier to work with than Rayon Challis. It is so soft on the skin and very breathable, and it's thermo-regulating properties make it great for both summer and winter! Make your favorite flowy babydoll with it or line a jacket, either way you won't regret it. 

Cotton Woven - 100% Cotton - 150gsm* - no stretch, 50-53” wide. Another great choice for all your woven patterns! Our cotton woven isn't crunchy like some places, and it's another great beginner fabric if you're just learning how to sew and aren't quite comfortable with knits yet. 

Cotton Canvas - 100% Cotton - 280gsm* - no stretch, 54-57” wide. This durable and sturdy cotton fabric is great for all your bags, jackets and outdoor wear, display pillows, upholstery projects, window treatments, headboard covers, etc. 

Softshell100% Polyester - 300gsm* - no stretch, 54-57" wide. Softshell is the perfect base for jackets, snow gear, outdoor bags, and other outwear. It is smooth on one side and has a soft fleece on the other. It is mildly water-resistant as well. (However, we take no responsibility for you getting wet when wearing this!)

**NEW** WRO (Water Resistant Oxford) - 100% Polyester + PU backing - 0.5mm +/- 0.1mm thickness, no stretch, 52-54" wide. WRO is an amazing alternative to WPC (waterproof canvas)! It's lightweight, with amazing colors, sleek texture and a slight sheen. WRO can be use for bag liner as well as exterior, and our testers have also done some light interfacing to it also with no damage to the print (make sure you do a test yourself though!). WRO isn't just for bags though, it can be used for snow pants, jacket exteriors, etc. Just GO for the WRO!

Please note that fabric coloration can and will vary based on the medium printed on (cotton, bamboo, polyester). We try to present the fabric to you as accurately as possible, but these are digital images printed onto fabric and will never be identical to what you see on your screen. Everything from the viewing platform (phone vs computer, bright vs dim light, warm vs cool tones for display) to how our strike artists take their photos (early morning light vs late afternoon light, cloudy vs sunny) all play a role in how the fabric is presented, so please keep this in mind.


All fabric (with the exception of FAUX LEATHER and WRO) should be washed with a dye-free detergent on cold. We would also strongly recommend using a color catcher. Tumble dry low. Please be extra gentle with the bamboo fabrics and air dry or lay flat if possible-- do not over dry! Use caution as well when ironing bamboo, ironing should be done on the lowest setting and only if necessary. 

All mock-ups are provided via Mockupfree.co.